How much trouble can you get into for forging a will?

John and Lisa discuss a local case where an individual forged a will. There are many fears and misconceptions associated with dying without a will. Does the state really take everything? How does this affect the family members left behind?

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  1. I need advice on how to help my mom get her house back.. My brother came to her home in 2008 and changed the deed to her homestead into his name 100% . Even though she signed it she couldn’t see it due to her being legally blind and he told her it was per her will..4kids share and no fighting in court.Well he ended up dead in 2015and that’s when she found out that the deed was a lie.He had no will and his son went to probate Court and got his dad’s things and sold the house while mama is on Medicaid in nursing home and has been there since 2013 cause my brother knew merp couldn’t get it so after me and Mama living there since 1985mama ,me2005 as her caretaker.He threw me out of house and left her in nursing home then got shot and died in Houston 2015..

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